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Connecting the World

Our Documentary Music Series

“The Life of Music” episodes include interviews of singers, songwriters, producers, and publishers – alongside some of the most interesting elements of these locations and genres of many different styles and types of music. There is certainly lots of name-dropping of famous people who influenced others and of course their personal stories.

We are telling the story of how music connects the human race all around the world. The number of ideas and interesting content for this series is unlimited.

Episode #3
The Gospel Journey - Part 1 of 3


Episode #4
The Gospel Journey - Part 2 of 3


The Gospel Journey - From the American Slaves to the Christians of today, we share the story of the early origins of Gospel Music and its transformation over the years.

Episode #1:
Music City USA - Part 1


Episode #2:
Music City USA - Part 2


Our first episode, released on April 20, 2023, was filmed in Nashville, TN and is titled, "Music City USA - Part 1", and Part 2 was released shortly after.

Click the thumbnails above to view each episode.

Our Episode Line-Up

Within every episode we produce, we will bring in interesting people who also have great histories and stories to tell. Some of these people will be well-known and some will be behind the scenes or just getting started. We will connect with people involved in and around the music business, and even those that simply love music.


Some episodes will contain philosophical ideas and/or challenges within their own connection to music. For instance, some types of music have almost died or have drifted away. We would love to show how it can be revitalized and brought back and hopefully be even better than before.

Most of the episodes currently on our list fall into one of the following categories:

  • Music Cities, Countries, and/or Areas

  • Types of Music

  • Musicians, Groups, Bands, and People

  • People in the Music Business

We are also currently exploring the various distribution channels for the series.


Our Family Music Background

Growing up in Kentucky, the Parker family was always very musical. The Parker boys grew up with their parents having groups of people over to their house weekly as their parents taught the people how to play and enjoy the guitar. Their father, Bill Parker, was also in two college singing quartets named "The Archers" and "The Four Winds". Their father also traveled all over the mountains and valleys of the Southeast United States to meet, record, and document people singing and playing traditional instruments with old-time and historical music. Their family grew up singing and harmonizing with many types of music and learned how to play many different musical instruments.

Parker-photos page 2.jpg

Their parents played many years in many different Bluegrass festivals up in Eastern Kentucky and they simply soaked it all in. Their parents also played and performed folk music together as a couple, and also together with another married couple to create a folk band called the "Village Singers". They finally got another musical couple to sing around the U.S. and were ultimately requested to perform their Folk songs and unique style at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, DC in 1970.

Becoming teenagers, they managed to go to many big concerts, including Rock, New Wave, Jazz, and alternative music. Later in life and living in Europe and Southeast Asia for many years, they also enjoyed many different types of music. Even though they understood that the writing and the meaning of the music were very important, the ongoing sound and rhythm are just as critical for all types of music.

Parker-photos page 1_edited.jpg

Growing up in Paducah, KY, their dad was a singer for many years in a Gospel quartet named "The Men of Song" with Larry Stewart (Nashville, Restless Heart) playing the piano with his dad (Buddy Stewart) as the lead singer and performing around the region in many churches and public events.

Business partners and brothers, Clayton and Creston Parker still play a bit of music with the family. The brothers are great story tellers with a broad range of video business experience that closely covers all the bases to direct, film, edit, and produce video production work with their Big Acorn Studios, located in the Atlanta, GA area.

Click to view Creston's LinkedIn Profile.


Chief Technical Officer

In a world filled with specialists, Creston is a generalist with a broad spectrum or “hybrid” experience across a multitude of disciplines and technologies including film, video, special effects, 3D animation, technology, product design, user experience, web development, print, and marketing. As a designer / engineer / artist, he loves the details and is a superb listener. Creston also thrives on thinking out of context to solve challenges.

Click to view Clayton's LinkedIn Profile.


Chief Executive Officer

Clayton has developed several large, diverse, and international businesses, with a long history of building, growing, and producing success. He has also been involved in developing new business concepts and products with unique and memorable brands. Clayton fully understands the value of presentation, negotiating, communicating, and keeping everyone working together as a team.


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