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Videography | Drone Imagery
Photography | Video Production

Call us to discuss your project at 770-675-5599


Our Videos Can Include:

  • drone aerials

  • hand-held footage

  • time-lapse footage

  • animated maps

  • voiceover

  • text call-outs

  • motion graphics

  • logos and branding

  • contact info

  • well-chosen music



For over 30 years, the team at Big Acorn Studios has been working in the video production industry creating videos, 3D animations, and high-resolution photos. We create amazing cinematic videos for advertising and marketing, and to promote commercial, industrial, and residential real estate agencies, developers, owners, and construction companies. In 2022 we began producing a documentary original video series, "The Life of Music". For on-going long-term, and short-term construction projects, we also produce progress videos with unique and accurate reporting.

Big Acorn Studios is located in the greater Atlanta metro area and serving the southeastern states of Georgia, Tennessee, Alabama, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Kentucky, Virginia, and Florida.


Business partners and brothers, Clayton and Creston Parker have a broad range of business experience that covers all the bases to direct and grow Big Acorn Studios.



Chief Technical Officer

Click to view Creston's LinkedIn Profile.

In a world filled with specialists, Creston is a generalist with a broad spectrum or “hybrid” experience across a multitude of disciplines and technologies including film, video, special effects, 3D animation, technology, product design, user experience, web development, print, and marketing. As a designer / engineer / artist, he loves the details and is a superb listener. Creston also thrives on thinking out of context to solve challenges.


Chief Executive Officer

Click to view Clayton's LinkedIn Profile.

Clayton has developed several large, diverse, and international businesses, with a long history of building, growing, and producing success. He has also been involved in developing new business concepts and products with unique and memorable brands. Clayton fully understands the value of presentation, negotiating, communicating, and keeping everyone working together as a team.



30+ years of video production experience

20+ years of interior design industry experience

20+ years of hospitality industry experience

20+  years of marketing and branding experience

20+ years of 3D technical animation experience

15+ years of architecture industry experience

FAA Part 107 certified commercial drone pilots

sUAS (drone) insured up to $2 million (more avail.)



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